Website Journalist Marta De Los Santos

Hi my name is Marta De Los Santos; I have been a wellness reporter for a year and five months. I have chosen to be part of the Wellness Initiative because I love to help persons with disabilities such as my own. I love to see people with a smile when they feel good and when they accomplish things in their everyday lives. When I come to work, I work on different tasks such as: researching recipes or health related topics and writing my own personal view. Also, putting together passport books and work books and rehearsing our Passport Presentation for a presentation a day before the day of.  I also work on trying to put together phone interviews at different day programs to incorporate in our monthly newsletter. I love my job. My other reason why I have been at this great job is that I not only do I get to help others but I teach myself about the importance of good health and everyday healthy life style. I myself, before I became a part of the Wellness Program, was and still am into the gym and eating healthy, so that I don’t get struck down with sickness that may hit me. So I try to stay alert about different bad and good foods out there.  When I am not at work I look up things that may be of interest for any part of my job so  I can share with my peers great news, or a great shocking  thing about food, or some new way to exercise. I am a healthy person, on the days I don’t work I am at the gym, and if not I’m either hiking or just riding my bike around where I live. I juice different fruits and vegetables and try to do drink juice before bed and when I get up, but let me tell you it is hard to do if you’re a coffee addict like me. It’s hard to accomplish what you want but with determination you can succeed.  So I am here to help my peers as well as myself and that’s what I love about my job and it puts a great ease to my heart to see my peers healthy. So stay focused and have fun my friends.

By: Marta De Los Santos