Self-Advocacy and Seeking Independence

advocacyAll my life I’ve said what people wanted me to say, and done what people wanted me to do  because I worried that if I didn’t I would hurt or disappoint them. But one day I realized that while I was trying not to upset others I wasn’t being genuine to myself. So at that moment I decided to stop trying to please everyone and start figuring out what makes me happy. For instance, I want to live on my own.

I have lived with my mother years longer than had I planned because I thought I would be letting her down if I moved out. I was unsure of how to tell my mom, so I talked to a close family friend who knows my mom and me well. She told me that my mom would cry, get mad, and go through many other emotions, but in the end everything would work out. And you know what, she was absolutely right.

I told my mom and she was upset and she did cry and get mad but before the conversation was over she was on board.

After I am all moved out I will tell you all about how I did it. For now, my mom and I are working together with my service coordinator to get me out and living as independently as possible. I am really glad I talked to my mom and advocated for what I wanted.


By Jordan Geddes