Handi-Riders gives children and adults with disabilities a chance to participate in an activity that is not only fun but also improves their motor skills. Handi-Riders also gives the people who participate the chance to exercise their social skills by interacting with people in their age group.

For people with disabilities who show an interest in learning about animals, specifically horses, this would be the perfect program. So if you know someone with those interests I think you should check out Handi-Riders.

I was one among the many kids who got the honor of getting to participate in this program. The one thing I learned through the program and imbedded into my everyday life, is do not be afraid to try new things, put yourself out there, make friends and meet all kinds of people. I also learned that horses are one of the best therapy tools? I know right, I was surprised when I heard that too. I also learned that horses are surprisingly intelligent, more than they appear.

If you are interested there’s a website you can visit it’s a pretty well-known organization.

The website address is: http://www.handi-riders.org/

By Jordan Geddes