The Importance of Washing Your Hands

Washing your hands is very important because your hands touch more surfaces than any other part of your body. Washing your hands, with soap and hot water, is your first line of defense against germs and sickness. Although it can’t protect you from everything, it’s a good place to start.

Germs are considered harmful microorganisms. There several types of germs including: bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoans. They get on your hands and when you touch your mouth or face they get inside your body and can make you sick. That is why it is important to get them off of your hands.

Sometimes people think that using just water has the same results as using soap but it doesn’t. While the friction of using just water does remove some germs, using soap is more effective.

So, protect yourself by keeping your hands clean. Wash your hands often, especially before you eat, and use soap and hot water. Stay healthy my friends!

By Jordan Geddes